Products Details

1.8T/2.5T/3.5T/5T 2WD RT


Two-Wheel Drive System

1.Manforce rough terrain forklift is a tough, compact forklift with a two-wheel drive system.
2.The forklift is based on conventional forklift, but built for rough terrain performance. 

Steer Axle

The steering angle is from 43.6°to 70° with very small turning radius.


1. Power shift transmission with torque converter features two (2) pedal inching and brake control and full reversal allowing faster cycle times.
2.The 100% differential is specifically designed for rough terrain and features automatic differential lock providing ultimate traction during inclement weather conditions and rough operating surfaces.

Floating System

1.The Manforce rough terrain forklift adopts a floating R.O.P system. 
2.Manforces engineers use superior full floating operator cabin. It has adapted the latest ergonomics for operator convenience.
3.Travel & hydraulic controls are positioned forward for most ergonomic natural operation.
4.Fully adjustable tilt steering wheel and fully suspension seat with seat belt accommodates all size operators.


2.5T rough terrain forklift body min. ground clearance is 250mm;
3.5T rough terrain forklift body min. ground clearance is 284.5mm;


  Manforce rough terrain forklift front tyres are a special heavy truck tyre with a wide footprint giving it greater stability and lift capacity in rough work environments.

Mast: Wide View& Durable

1. 2.5T rough terrain forklift mast width is 1525mm;
2. 3.5T rough terrain forklift mast width is 1600.5mm;
3. Maximum mast tilt angle F/R reaches to 10°/12°;