New delivery for new series to Africa

Recently, 20 units F series 2.5T diesel forklifts are delivered to Africa. 


Compare to the old model , F series has below modification to make it with best performance.
1, Optimized heat dissipation channel increases 30% of heat dissipation efficiency, enlarge radiator is used to prevent overheat problems.
2, Improve design of pipeline and mast rollers positioning provide best view of mast
3, Higher steering wheel and lever easy for driver's operation, bigger operation space, easy to get on/off.
4, Gradient bar design for overhead guard & backrest, help driver have better visibility when working.
5, LED lights with strong solid bracket.
6, All electric connectors of the trucks are water-proof, protecting its electric system.
7, Original Japanese engine with bigger frame inner space.
8, Integrated coverings and Enhanced hood hinge.
9, Easily maintained electrical system and USD as standard.
10, With suspension brake padel, make driver’s feet comfort when working.
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Post time: Aug-27-2021